Pathways through Lent


Psalm 27:5-11
1 Corinthians 15:20-28
Wisdom 7:24–8:1
John 5:19-24

When I was very young
Time for me stood still
A day with nothing to do
Was like forever climbing a steep hill!
“Take your time”

The concept of time
I then did not understand
Nor that this was a clever concept
Surely developed by man.
“Be on time!”

In my youth I became aware that this truth is stern
The sun rises, the sun sets
Thus a day is gone forever
Never, never to return!
“Time waits for no man!”

 As an adult, time began to be precious
As it finally became clear
That time was a kind of commodity
To value, to respect and even fear.
“Time marches on!”

 Now in the autumn of life
The speed of time is frightening
I should have stored it when time stood still
As it now passes like a bolt of lightening.
“You are out of time!”

 I have suddenly arrived at the place
As was destined to be the case
Perhaps even an act of God’s grace
Where eternity and I will come face to face!

 – Janet Helgert

March 31 - Time