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Wednesday in the Fourth Week of Lent

During the Lenten Season we introduce a new rhythm to our life and days. We introduce elements of prayer, meditation, fasting, and service to our daily routine and these changes have a profound effect on our lives. We become more relaxed and our days less forced.

Prayer brings us into regular conversation with God. Meditation brings awareness to each and every activity of one’s life. It’s a turning on of all our senses to full volume and capacity, so we capture every thing that is going on around us. Fasting reminds us of the abundance we enjoy, and helps us confront our addictions. Claude McKay says service is a beautiful word that has fallen upon bad days, but in fact service means respect. Service frees us from self-will and in serving others teaches us how to care for ourselves.

When we introduce the disciplines of Lent into our daily routine we actually find we have more time rather than less. Prayer helps us concentrate on God’s desires for us, not our own. Meditation, helps us become aware of our surroundings and how they play an active part in our day. Fasting turns us away from self-indulgence, and service reminds us that each day is an opportunity to make a difference.

The Lenten disciplines enable us to make a full commitment to each and every day, to do our best at all time, and then to let things unfold rather than trying to force them.

Lent reminds each of us how “to be the very best we can be.”

Webb Hubbell

Appointed readings for today: Isaiah 49: 8-15, Psalm 145:8-19, John 5:19-29


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