Thursday after Ash Wednesday

Lent is a season of preparation—a time of reflection, penance and prayer in order to grow closer to God. Today’s readings focus on choice: “life” or “death;” good vs. evil.

In our daily lives, we are constantly faced with making choices. They may be big ones—those that only come once in a lifetime—or those that occur daily and seem so insignificant they go by practically unnoticed. Do we make the “right” choices? And who is to say what the “right” choices are? In some situations the choice may be obvious, but in others there may be uncertainty.

And, in my opinion, perhaps more important than the choice made is the reasoning behind it. What is your motivation when making the decision? Are you thinking of others or are you thinking of yourself?

While choices we face may oftentimes feel heavy and uncertain, I would proffer that deep down we know what the right one is for us. We’re just scared to accept and make it. Some call it a sixth sense, other perhaps a gut reaction—I call it the voice of reason working through us. There is something deep inside that speaks to us. But so often it is explained away or ignored.

We are all faced with making choices in our lives—big and small, major and seemingly insignificant. Let’s always strive to have the strength to make the right choice for the right reasons, and always choose to find the good, both in ourselves and in others. And let us never forget that every day provides a new opportunity to choose again.

Hilary West

Appointed readings for today: Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Psalm 1, Luke 9:18-25


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