Pathways through Lent

A Statement of Faith

holdinghandsHaec dies quam fecit Dominus: exultemus et laetemur in ea, Alleluia.

In recent years my parents initiated a new daily ritual. Somewhere between the morning walk and the bowl of granola, they clasp hands and recite these Easter -familiar lines to each other: This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Initially, this struck me as sweet, an upbeat affirmation that probably looks great on a poster. Then I wondered if this might be a daily roadmap to focus on the sunny bits and steer around sickness and fatigue, the nightly news and traffic jams, the demands of others and their own worries.

I recognize now that this is their renewed commitment to receive the day in full, dark and light. Rejoicing is easy some days. Rejoicing in each day is hard. Rejoicing in each day is a statement of faith.

Here is William Byrd’s two minute version:

-Julia Koster




1 thought on “A Statement of Faith”

  1. We are the parents of Julia Koster and Richard Doege is our son-in-law.
    So when Julia sent her Lenten Daily Devotional posting, via e-mail, needless to say it brought a lump in our throats and tears to our eyes.
    She managed to reveal more about the word “rejoicing”, than we ever would have imagined.
    But it is something that we do daily that puts our hearts in line with the blessings that God has provided us and starts our day out with Joy!
    May this Holy Week find every heart at St. John’s church filled with the wonder of the great and loving sacrifice that our Lord made for each one that accepts him as their Creator and Saviour.
    Christ is Risen! He has Risen Indeed!
    Merrill and Betty Koster
    Silverdale Lutheran Church, Silverdale Washington

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