Pathways through Lent

A Lesson in Love


For Liza

God works on many levels and in many ways and Lent is no exception. I truly believe that during the Lent season we can lose ourselves in contemplation. There are many lessons to learn and many perspectives to hear as we move closer to Easter. And in taking a step back, I realize that Lent is ultimately a lesson in love.

Recently I read an article about losing a dog. In this article the author emphasizes that each dog is different but that there is a shared lesson of love and loss. He goes on to suggest “We must measure life not in loss but in experience. Through our relationship with dogs…we also experience…unconditional, selfless love.” While God teaches us to love through opening our hearts in acceptance to others, he also teaches us that love sometimes means pain and loss without clear reason. No two people have the same experiences, but through our faith we have shared lessons. Now we reflect on God’s word and meditate in hopes of understanding the shared lesson of Lent.

God is patient as we struggle with love. The challenge in Lent is patience and trust in God’s love, for that is when we are rewarded with understanding. I find that the challenge doesn’t stop there, but that every day we must love and be patient in traveling God’s path. For when we do, we are rewarded with happiness and fulfillment.

-Caroline Holman



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