Pathways through Lent

Why My Mother Became a Presbyterian


Over the last several years, I have examined my own journey of faith through the lens of my mother’s experiences.  I watched as my mom progressed from being a sometimes church-goer to becoming an usher, an Elder, and a participant in a bible study group at her Presbyterian church.  Mom preceded me on her journey by a couple of years but I was paying attention. In 2011, I was fresh from attending the Adult Inquirers’ Class and intending to join St. John’s Church, so I asked my mother why she became a Presbyterian. Mom answered that it was the only church she visited where she was greeted and made to feel welcome.

Recently I was in route to St. John’s. The cab driver asked why I didn’t attend church in my own neighborhood. “St. John’s is the only church where I have felt at home,” I heard myself say aloud to the cabbie.

During this Lenten season, I am challenging myself to welcome others in the same way that I have been warmly greeted and welcomed into St. John’s. Someone may be beginning her journey….

-Sandra Hackworth


1 thought on “Why My Mother Became a Presbyterian”

  1. Amen Sandra! That’s how we chose the church we attended in Dublin, Ireland. One of the few churches that we visited to have fellowship over coffee every Sunday. The small parish, close to a local university, welcomed visitors regularly. Some of those visitors stayed long-term, and others drifted through. All were greeted and welcomed. What a difference it can make!

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