Pathways through Lent

Living In the Light, Leading From My Heart

Psalm 70
Isaiah 50:4-9a
Hebrews 12:1-3
John 13:21-32

Each year, I select a theme to live by and this year it’s about Living in the Light, the place of divine understanding, love and grace.  Last year, I was “living into the light;” this year I fully own it. “Leading from my heart” is about letting my heart and soul guide me, and the decisions I make, as well as the interactions that I have with others. “Leading from my heart” doesn’t discount the power of reasoned thought, but it’s about following what you know to be true, your truth, and the truth of God.

I can imagine Jesus on his journey, being confronted with many thoughtful, well-meaning people who had lost their way or could not see or feel the Light of God in their lives. It would be easy to doubt what’s right and yet for most of us, if we listen with our heart, and don’t ignore the pang in our belly that reminds us of what we know we are called to do, we are almost always much more fulfilled in our decisions.

Has there been a time that you knew what you wanted to do and yet you thought your way out of it, only to have regrets later, or worse?  Perhaps you missed an opportunity to express your love to a now-departed loved one.  Perhaps you missed a career opportunity that would have made your heart sing because you believed that you were making the “smarter” decision.  Jesus followed a path that took him to his death, and much suffering along the way, because he knew it was his calling.  He knew he would live in the Light forever.

As you quietly reflect on this Lenten season…are you leading from your heart, following the Light and the Grace of God?

– Lisa Kirchenbauer

Enjoying the sun


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