Pathways through Lent

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

Psalm 145:8-13
Deuteronomy 26:16-19
Philippians 4:4-9
Luke 6:17-23

Several years ago, Cal Thomas, a newspaper columnist and author, wrote a book entitled The Things That Matter Most.  In it, he described in a very personal way the things that mattered most to him.

As I read the book, I began thinking about the things that mattered most to me and started evaluating how I was spending my time.  Like a typical lawyer, I took out my yellow legal pad and wrote down the things that mattered most to me:  my relationship with God, my wife and sons, my relatives and close friends, St. John’s Church, keeping healthy, etc.  I try to review my list every so often as a means of keeping me on the right track, focused, and not distracted by every new fad that comes down the pike.

This Lent, I encourage you to spend some time thinking about the things that matter most to you.  As the Chair of our Stewardship Committee, I personally want to thank you for including St. John’s in “the things that matter most” to you, whether it is your gift of money, time, or talents!

– Ralph Olson

My life is successful only because of God, who opens all doors in front of me. That is why my life is interesting and meaningful.  Chapter by chapter, each chapter of my life is full of the joy and love of God, who introduced me to new people, new skills, and new knowledge.  Only God can help me in any kind of situation, and I am sure in my way of life because I am protected by God’s wisdom.  God is with us and gives us peace.

My spiritual journey in the spring 2014 is joyful and peaceful because of God who has blessed me. My spirit is empty and ready to be filled with God’s wishes for me.

– Svetlana Orekhova-Tibbits

March 20 - Prayer


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