Pathways through Lent

Palm Sunday

Psalm 132:1-7 Exodus 24:1-8 2 Timothy 2:10-15, 19 Matthew 13:47-52

As we approach Palm Sunday, I find myself thinking of a different kind of once-a-year event involving a palm—the one my sister goes to have read.

I am sure her experience is worth the money, as it is a cross between entertainment and good counsel. My sister’s palmist seems to give her a renewed sense of confidence in the choices she has made and the decisions she will make moving forward.

I am intrigued by the idea that a medium could give me some fairly accurate insight into my future. But I have my own supernatural communication with the other realm—prayer.

Through prayer, I receive insight and hopefully recognize the better choices I can make. I have a real, humble, grateful, quiet, peaceful, and genuine conversation with God. Engaging in that conversation, I come to better understand what I believe God has in store for my life.

Perhaps, out of curiosity, one day I will go have my palm read, but this coming Sunday—and throughout the year—I hope we all turn our palms to the ancient and time-tested spiritual practice of prayer. Whether I have warning or not, the truth will come whence it may and cost what it will. For now, I will seek God through prayer, trust God completely while listening deeply, and just enjoy the ride.

–Jamie Samilio



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