Pathways through Lent

The Light of Lent

Psalm 18:21-25, 29-34 Isaiah 40:27-31 2 Peter 1:3-11 Mark 10:35-45

Each year, I search for a theme for my life.

This year, my annual discernment has brought me to the theme of living into the light with ease and grace. As I focus on this message, my heart is warmed, and my load is lightened. The answers seem clearer, and the conflicts fall away. When I live into the light, I feel calmer, more alive, and more connected. I can learn to be gentler with myself, I can tend relationships that need healing— and I can shine the light on others through my work.

Living into the light isn’t just for me, however; it seems like just the right message for Lent, as well. This season, we are seeking to overcome the darkness in our lives and the sadness of Jesus’ death. We are learning from the grace of Jesus, who gave his life for us. And we are looking to the light that is just around the corner as Easter approaches.

This Lent, why not join me in seeking out—and warming your soul in—the light of God?

–Lisa Kirchenbauer

February 22


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