Pathways through Lent

Lenten Labyrinth

Psalm 31 Exodus 4:10–31 1 Corinthians 14:1–19 Mark 9:30–41

As a mother, I find myself dutifully leading my child through the labyrinth of life. I humbly retrace my steps through the passageways and impassible walls I encountered as a youth. This time ’round, I have faith that God’s love is a benevolent force that I trust to lead me home.

My earliest memories of Lent were in Sunday school. Children collected coins in cardboard UNICEF folders and abstained from chocolate. I wasn’t really sure what it was all about, but I recall experiencing a profound sense of empowerment from abstinence (if only from chocolate) and liberating joy from handing in my book of coins.

Today, I lead my child in a world where the needy are a constant in our field of view and evil is in disguise. Perhaps it’s just my new perspective now that I am among the bifocal-wearing members of the congregation. I tend to see things all too clearly these days.

My Lenten labyrinth carries me meditatively to the same conclusion as always. I aspire to have my child experience Lent as I did. I trust that he too will find his way home, guided by God’s love.

–Pamela R. Hudson


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