Pathways through Lent

The Faith of Joseph

Psalm 89:1–29 2 Samuel 7:4, 8–16 Romans 4:13–18 Luke 2:41–52

Try to put yourself in Joseph’s shoes. You are young, newlywed, and loving life. All of a sudden, your new bride is pregnant by another man. You are infuriated, shamed, and contemplating divorce for your wife’s infidelities. Your name is scandalized. Everything you once knew and everyone you once loved has turned on you, and your world is a wreck. What do you do?

Joseph thinks about walking away from Mary and the mess she is in. It’s the easy thing to do, the selfish thing to do. But just when Joseph is at rock bottom, God speaks to him and tells him to have faith, have faith that He has a plan. He tells Joseph to have faith that this baby is Joseph’s to take care of.

We all remember the end of the story—but this Lent let’s remember Joseph’s faith in God. He didn’t turn away from Mary, but instead he legitimized the mess she was in by staying with her and being a good father to Jesus. The end result of the scandal—like the end result of the dark days of Lent—is God’s gift to the world.

We may not understand God’s timing or plans for our life, but let us always remember to have faith like Joseph. As He told Joseph, He is with us, even in these dark days, and has a plan for all of us if we just listen and heed His words.

–Hall Carter


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