Pathways through Lent


Psalm 75, 76 Genesis 43:16–34 1 Corinthians 7:10–24 Mark 5:1–20

A Jewish legend says that, early on, when God created the universe and commanded light into being, something went wrong, and the light shattered into pieces. These pieces became sparks of perfection in an imperfect world, embedded within all of creation—including us. Our highest calling is to find this light in ourselves and others so that it can be united again. Thus, we will repair the world.

Injustice and pain often command my attention, and I find it easy to overlook the miraculous as mundane. I love this Jewish legend because it reminds me to seek out the holiness that is all around. I view and react to things differently when I am searching for goodness. To find it, I believe, is to empower and strengthen it— and to bring out the best in ourselves as well.

There is a prayer that I have memorized that reminds me to maintain a sense of wonder:

Days pass and the years vanish and we walk sightless among miracles. Lord, fill our eyes with seeing and our minds with knowing. Let there be moments when your Presence, like lightning, illumines the darkness in which we walk. Help us to see, wherever we gaze, that the bush burns, unconsumed. And we, clay touched by God, will reach out for holiness and exclaim in wonder, ‘How filled with awe is this place and we did not know it.’

The world is filled with awe, and if we remain mindful in our search for it, we shall be, too.

–Erin Waddle

(Erin refers to the “Jewish Legend” of “Tikkun Olam” written above in Hebrew.  Calligraphy by Tad Delay)


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