Pathways through Lent

God’s Love

salm 56 Genesis 41:46–57 1 Corinthians 4:8–21 Mark 3:7–19a

Have you ever heard the phrase Manage your calendar; don’t let your calendar manage you? Whoever said it first probably was not starting a new job or planning a wedding—and almost certainly was not doing both at the same time.

I am. And the joy of these events can at times be overcome by the pressure of getting everything done. Recently, however, I heard the song “After This” by Youthful Praise, and its verse sings:

There will be glory after this; there will be victory after this.

This song reminded me. After several months in my new job, with God’s help, there will be victory after the challenges. After all the wedding planning, there will be glory as we celebrate our union with family and friends. More importantly, after the wedding itself, there will be joy in sharing married life with my soul mate.

Lent, too, reminds us that there is glory after adversity. During this season, we reacquaint ourselves with the adversity and suffering that Jesus endured—and we celebrate His glorious conquering of death after.

Lent offers time set aside with God and for God, time for reflecting on God’s presence in our everyday lives and on the joy of His unfailing love. My prayer for this Lent is that the Holy Spirit works in and through our lives to help us do the work that we are called to do. As we experience challenges, let us remember the greatness of God’s love—and the joy that will come.

–Stacy Sharpe


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