Pathways through Lent


Psalm 50 Genesis 39:1–23 1 Corinthians 2:14–3:15 Mark 2:1–12

When I was in the hospital on bed rest trying to delay the arrival of my twins,
the chaplain at Georgetown Hospital would pay me a visit once a week. We
would chat, and, before she left, she would ask me if I wanted to pray. Each
time I declined. I couldn’t.
Praying out loud felt like admitting that something was going to go wrong.
I prayed in my head every day, multiple times, but I just couldn’t hear the
words “Save my babies, please” spoken out loud.
God heard my (silent) prayers, and the boys were delivered in their due
time. As I lay in my hospital room cradling my two perfect, tiny babies, the
chaplain paid me a final visit. As always, she asked me if I wanted to pray. I
said yes through a river of tears. It was now time to thank God for my gifts
out loud and with fervor.
As we prayed, I realized I had been trying not to fall in love with my little
guys in case it was God’s will that I not be their mother. I was preparing to
give them up. As we said that prayer of thanks, my heart opened, and all the
love that I had been suppressing came flooding out. I knew then and there
that I was blessed.
So it is in Lent. Whatever we give up, however we prepare, we are rewarded
powerfully when the love of Easter comes bursting forth.
–Geraldine Hayhurst

The Hayhurst Twins starred as Baby John the Baptist and Baby Jesus in 2011's Christmas pageant.

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