Pathways through Lent

Lent: an invitation

by Thad Daise

The Fourth Friday of Lent

[William Augustus Muhlenberg, Priest, 1877]

Jeremiah 23:1-8 Psalm 107 Romans 8:28-39 John 6:52-59

As a lifelong Baptist until about eight years ago, I am relatively new to the Episcopal Church. I am even newer to the Lenten season. It did not take me long, though, to figure out that for many people the Lenten season means a time to give up a thing or activity that one enjoys. So when I started to observe Lent, I did what many people around me do: deny myself something and proudly tell others “what I gave up for Lent.” However, I quickly learned that Lent was meant to be so much more. In an effort to fully experience the Lenten season, I decided to not only give something up but also to take something on, something that allows me to use the Lenten season to deepen my relationship with God. It’s something that I hope will become a part of my daily life.

So during this Lenten season, while I am reminded to forgo some activity, I am also reminded to say something, do something, and behave in a way that strengthens my relationship with God. Hopefully, others around me will hear or see something that will cause them to seek God for themselves. I love this Lenten season and the opportunities to strengthen my relationship with God.

The Negev Desert, a very Lenten Place.

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