Pathways through Lent

Be Open. Be Present. Be Loving.

by Lisa Kirchenbauer

The Third Wednesday of Lent

Jeremiah 8:18-9:6 Psalm 81, 82, 119:97-120 Romans 5:1-11 John 8:12-20

At the beginning of each year for the last five years or so, as I prepare for the Lenten season, I have listened quietly and deeply for a message that I will follow for that year. The messages have often built upon the prior year. Last year was, “A gentle heart opens many doors.” It was a good reminder to me that by being gentle and non-judgmental I can open up relationships and opportunities and find grace.

My message this year is a simple chant…

Be Open, Be Loving, Be Present

Be Open, Be Present, Be Loving

  • Be Open…to the possibilities, to God’s will, to another’s heart
  • Be Present…so that I can clearly hear my calling, so that I am aware of my true feelings, so that I can truly connect with others
  • Be Loving…because it is a better and easier way, because my children and husband need it from me, and because the entire world needs more love these days

Although I may not always remember my mantra, it serves to focus me and remind me of what is important and how I can live a more Christian life. Through meditation and prayer, we each have the ability to reconnect with ourselves, to discover our purpose in this world and begin to put this mission into place. Please join me as I strive to live this year’s message to the fullest!


3 thoughts on “Be Open. Be Present. Be Loving.”

  1. As my heart is being broken by a failed relationship, I find comfort in ” Being Open ” to the possibilities, to God’s will, to anothers Heart. Maybe my prayers will be answered., especially with the Good Lord at the helm. THANKS

  2. Today’s service of celebration of Margaret’s life, Lisa, certainly gave testimony to your loving presence in your family’s life. And it was really a taste of the Kingdom! Without your leadership and example, those handsome young men of yours could never have shared so openly, gracefully and generously of themselves as they did. Thank you, indeed!

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